From the mount castle

Mount Castle or “Kotta Kunnu” is one of the topper view place in our district. A venue for cultural activities, has an open stadium for that, heli pad and so on. It has a beautiful garden which breed all kind butterflies, birds and other insects.

It is good idea reach there by a car or any vehicle which lift you to the top view, but I prefer those steps, you should climb and feel every step.
On the top of the hill there was an open place to relax enjoy, play ground for kids, food and everything. Chairs are arranged for visitors on every layers of paths on the hill and surrounding.
Some times,there will be some shooting session of musical programs. No fee for still camera but for video you have to pay. Lots people come here for just for relax in the evening, and it is one of the favorite meeting place of many young lovers, lol.

Location: Kottakunnu, Malappuram, Kerala,India


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